Privacy and Security

We request that our users disclose personal and potentially sensitive information so that our software accurately maps user symptoms and medical history to a specific Preliminary Diagnosis. We are serious about protecting privacy, and providing a safe and secure environment for our users. We take the following measures to protect user information:

  • All identifiable Personal Health Information (PHI) except for email address, year of birth and zip code is stored only the user’s mobile device.
  • We strongly encrypt all data transferred between the cloud server and the user’s device.
  • We host and back up all data on highly secure and HIPAA compliant commercial cloud servers.

We make the following assurances:

  • We will not share users’ identifiable PHI with a third party.
  • Users will have to opt in before they receive any offers or incentives for goods or services, whether from PreMedicus directly, or indirectly through a third party.
  • Users can opt out of receiving solicitations at any time.

Purposes for collecting User Data

The individual users generate and own the identifiable PHI on their devices. With their permission, we back up this information on the cloud, and may use it for the following purposes:

  • Sending out personalized health alerts.
  • Restoring lost user data.
  • Updating user devices with newer versions of the app.
  • Downloading the data on to a user’s new device.
  • Sharing data with individuals, medical providers or facilities chosen by the user.

PreMedicus owns the non-personally identifiable PHI we collect. We reassemble and store de-personalized data for the following purposes:

  • Medical research (e.g. disease prevalence, health outcomes).
  • Public health research (e.g. disease outbreaks, emergency warning systems).
  • App usage statistics (e.g. health provider choice, over the counter medication use).
  • Marketing studies (e.g. effectiveness of product promotion campaigns).

PreMedicus may donate or sell the scrubbed (de-personalized) and bundled data in raw or analyzed form to third parties such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities or government entities.