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  • PreMedicus is not a medical device, and does not substitute for evaluation by a physician.
  • PreMedicus recommends I always seek healthcare and specific health advice from a physician.
  • Common sense should always be my guide. Severe, persistent or worsening symptoms are a warning sign for me to seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  • PreMedicus does not warranty or guaranty the reputation, competence or services of any healthcare provider or facility.
  • PreMedicus does not warranty or guaranty the accuracy of Google Maps.
  • I will use PreMedicus solely at my own risk and for my personal non-commercial use only.
  • My thoughtful responses improve the accuracy of the preliminary diagnosis.
  • I will hold PreMedicus LLC, its employees, owners and affiliates harmless from any and all responsibility or liability resulting from my use of this app.
  • I will not alter, reverse engineer, copy, sell or distribute this app, or allow others to do so.
  • PreMedicus services are provided to me based on payment of an annual subscription fee by me or a third party.
  • My identifiable personal health information (PHI) is only stored on my mobile device. I am responsible for protecting it.
  • I allow PreMedicus to collect data from the portions of my PHI that cannot be used to identify me, and that data is the sole property of PreMedicus.
  • I will promptly unsubscribe and delete the app if I disagree with any of these statements in the future. There will be no refund for any unused subscription period.