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PreMedicus® Digital Medicine Solutions

We are solving pressing post-pandemic problems for patients, providers & payers with our powerful Digital Assistants that are designed to increase safety, transparency, patient empowerment, & health data privacy while reducing workforce burnout, medical errors & care costs.

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PreMedicus® ER is a direct to consumer Apple or Android mobile app that serves as a digital assistant for acutely ill adults.  A short targeted interview to collect symptoms & past medical history generates a hyper-personalized list of most likely diagnoses with authoritative  in-app education.  The user is then referred to either home care, a telemedicine visit, urgent care or an ER evaluation with GPS guidance to the right facility.


PreMedicus® ASV is our enterprise mobile app for telemedicine, in-person ER or urgent care. Our platform digitally streamlines critically important medical & business functions in a highly secure cloud environment. Patients utilize wait time by entering their demographics & telling their own story to receive a reliable pre-diagnosis & education from world class sites.  Documentation is greatly simplified to enable both patients & providers to chart succinctly & easily access top-tier decision support resources. Our software assists with coding & billing the encounter, & automatically generates a report that can be shared with the patient in lay terms in real time.

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